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Toolmakers Series [BONUS]: Makino D300, 5-axis Superstar

As part of our Toolmakers Series, we talked to one of our highly automated Machines about their day-to-day. With automation playing such a large part in our manufacturing speed and accuracy, it’s important to have the right tools for the job.

Read on to learn more about them.


❓So what’s your working day like?

✅ MAKINO D300:

Day? You mean day and night, and all year round! We’re very highly automated and don’t really need to sleep so we can keep working while the rest of the humans go home and take a break.

Though we do get Christmas off so that’s neat.


❓What about sick leave? Do you ever need to take a break?

✅ Makino D300:

Hmm … very rarely. I might break a tool every now and again due to wear and tear, but the team is pretty spot on about the setup. My programmers/coders are pros when it comes to knowing my limitations and using the right tool for the right cut. The beauty of experience, am I right? Besides, my mates Keith & Gareth keep a good eye on each stage of the programming and looks out for me.


❓How many jobs do you do in a day?

✅ A pro like me – well, I can do up to 12 jobs a day without attention! More if the guys are working with me and loading additional workpiece items.


❓What’s the coolest job you’ve done?

✅ Ooh, that’s a toughie. But if I had to pick … I can say that I have worked on some very cool healthcare products that have been loaded on my tables as metal 3D printed items. These have had some features even I couldn’t drill or machine.

Wish I could say more, but my doors are sealed!


❓What’s next for you?

✅ Much of the same, but my real motivation is to keep improving my accuracy. The programmers really help with this as does my laser tool measuring system.

Keeping my spindle running while the humans are sleeping keeps the boss happy.


Designed to provide superior sustained dynamic accuracy in a five–axis configuration, we know we’ve got speed and accuracy covered at Adept.

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